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Special Alloys For Severe Environments
as well as stainless steels including duplex stainless, N-155 ...

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Geronimo Alloys is fully equipped to supply you with the highest quality parts for abrasive, corrosive ...

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Geronimo Alloys employees believe you pay our salaries. We don’t work for Geronimo Alloys, we work for you ...

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In-House Foundry & Machine Shop

Geronimo Alloys, an industrial foundry and manufacturing company, has been providing customers with the highest quality manufactured parts since 1984. For over three decades, Geronimo has taken pride in designing, casting and machining the highest quality components and parts, delivered on-time, every time. The combination of over 30 years of technical expertise, with a true focus on customer response and service, has established Geronimo as a trusted partner in the industrial community. Specializing in exotic alloys such as cobalt, nickel based, stainless steels, duplex and the like, we manufacture parts that withstand the punishment of extreme environments.

In 1998, we moved into a custom-designed, 35,000-square-foot alloy manufacturing facility, just north of Seguin, TX, which allowed us to expand our production capabilities. In addition to the physical building, this move allowed us to upgrade and acquire all the latest equipment and tools necessary for the design, casting, manufacturing and machining of exotic alloys. Our years of experience in manufacturing parts, which in some cases, other manufacturers won’t even try, has honed our skill set to the point that we have become one of the most trusted industrial manufacturing companies in the business.

From manufacturing and building our own patterns, to sand casting and centrifugal casting the alloy, to heat treating and finish machining, we manufacture our customer’s components to their specifications. Retaining expertise and control throughout the entire manufacturing process affords us an enhanced ability to produce the highest quality product, in a reasonable amount of time at an honest price. Enjoying the advantage of being one of the few foundries, in the State of Texas, we provide our customers with a technological advantage that a mere machine shop cannot supply.

Whether it is a small pin or button that is manufactured on our manual lathes, to an entire polymer dryer from centrifugal casters consisting of 4,250 pieces, our manufacturing production not only covers a wide spectrum, but provides our customers with a manufacturing advantage.

A Manufacturing Team You Can Rely On

Geronimo Alloys believes that our strongest and greatest asset is our employees, as well as yours. With a trusted, knowledgeable and technically savvy team that encompasses unsurpassed experience and drive, our team continuously evolves and strives to improve our processes and procedures. A foundry and industrial manufacturing company that embraces the challenges that our customers bring to the table, makes us look forward to getting up in the morning or staying late at night to keep our customers running.

Composed of highly and well trained technicians and engineers, with extensive industrial experience, our manufacturing team is highly adept in assessing, internalizing and manufacturing our customers’ needs. Our entire team partners with our customers to ensure that every aspect of manufacturing is completed to their exact specifications.

Working side by side with our customers throughout the entire process of manufacturing, Geronimo remains cognizant of the ever increasing prices of alloys by utilizing generic counterpart to trademarked alloys in the manufacturing of alloy based parts. In manufacturing alloy components from equivalent patented alloys, we provide customers with the highest quality products at a reduced cost. With a wide variety of alloys in stock, including cobalt-based and nickel-based alloys, various grades of stainless steel and titanium alloys, we constantly remain positioned to provide our customers with the components and parts they require in an expedient manner.

If you have the need for the highest quality manufactured alloy components we invite you to give us a call at +1 830-303-7400 to learn more about our alloy manufacturing capabilities and how we can be of service to you.

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