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Special Alloys For Severe Environments
as well as stainless steels including duplex stainless, N-155 ...

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Geronimo Alloys is fully equipped to supply you with the highest quality parts for abrasive, corrosive ...

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Geronimo Alloys employees believe you pay our salaries. We don’t work for Geronimo Alloys, we work for you ...

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WELCOME TO GERONIMO ALLOYS: An Industrial Manufacturing Company You Can Rely On

Geronimo Alloys is a service industrial manufacturing company that has been in the business since 1984. For the past three decades, Geronimo has continued to pride itself on high-quality manufacturing, rapid delivery, and responsive customer care. Our custom machine shop uses only top quality alloys, whether it is cobalt, nickel or high nickel. Our telephone is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In 1998, we moved to Seguin into a custom-designed, 35,000-square-foot alloy manufacturing facility, which allowed us to expand our production capabilities. Geronimo Alloys has also acquired all the equipment and experience with the latest technology required for casting and machining alloys. When it comes to alloy-based parts manufacturing, we are one of the most trusted industrial manufacturing companies in the business.

We build our own patterns, cast the alloy, heat treat, and finish machine to your specifications. The ability to control all aspects of manufacturing the parts you need allows us to control delivery time and ensure quality. We have built a pattern, cast the part, heat treated, machined, and shipped orders within a 5-day period. We have gone to work on Super Bowl Sunday because a customer needed a part. Any industrial manufacturing company that had $0.00 in returns from customers in 2014 and only $300.00 in 2013 has to be doing the quality work you require.

We have built entire machines from centrifugal casters and 50K pressure testers to polymer dryers. Our parts manufacturing production can be configured to your needs, allowing us to deliver anything from a single 8 oz. part to a polymer dryer with 4250 pieces.

A Manufacturing Team You Can Rely On

At Geronimo Alloys, our people are our greatest asset, as well as yours. With unsurpassed knowledge, experience, and drive, our team adapts and continually strives to improve our processes and procedures.  We are an industrial manufacturing company that embraces challenges, challenges that make us get up in the morning, or in the middle of the night, to get the job done and keep our customers up and running.

Our manufacturing team is composed of highly skilled, well-trained technicians and engineers with extensive industry experience. To ensure that all aspects of manufacturing are completed to spec, our team works closely with our customer and their team to coordinate and discuss every aspect and detail of the parts needed according to your exact specifications.  To further highlight our capabilities and and attention to quality and detail, in 2013, Geronimo Alloys had customer returns that amounted to $300 and in 2014, did not have any customer returns.

Additionally, in order to facilitate cost reduction, we manufacture alloy-based parts using the generic counterparts of trademarked alloys.  In manufacturing equivalent patented alloy components, we provide customers with the highest quality products at a reduced cost.  With over 50 different types of alloys on hand, including cobalt-based and nickel-based alloys, various grades of stainless steel and titanium alloys, we stand ready for providing products to our customers in an expedient manner.

If you have the need for the highest quality manufactured alloy components we invite you to give us a call at +1 830-303-7400 to learn more about our alloy manufacturing capabilities and how we can be of service to you.

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