How We Do It

We Are Equipped

Geronimo Alloys is fully equipped to supply you with the highest quality parts for abrasive, corrosive or temperature-related applications

Our Staff is Your Staff

For OEMs, our experienced staff of technicians and engineers coordinate all job requirements with their counterparts from your organization.

We understand the job

Industrial applications often require a plant visit by Geronimo Alloys personnel to ensure that the particular part operates and functions as desired. Improvements in design and/or alloy may be made to increase the cycle life of your critical parts.

We Use the Optimum Material

We stock over 50 different alloys including cobalt base, nickel based, 300 series, 400 series and duplex stainless steels in order to manufacture the components that our customers require.  We retain this capability in order to provide the highest quality, lowest cost alloys to our customers.  Almost any alloy is available upon request.

In-House Capabilities

The vast majority of the items produced by Geronimo Alloys are made completely “in-house” by Geronimo Alloys personnel; this ensures the highest quality and rapid delivery.  The only outside services we use are plating, HIP, and some testing.

In-House Technologies

    • 3-D Modeling/Machine Drawing
    • Pattern Manufacturing
    • Foundry
    • Qualified welders for welding, hard-surfacing, and overlay    Our robotic PTA Process
    • Heat Treating: Batch furnace and Induction
    • Manual Machining: lathe, mill, and grinding
    • CNC Programming
    • CNC Machining: Mill, Lathe, Electrode & Wire EDM, (CNC O.D. and I.D. grinding coming soon)
    • Induction Hardening
    • Induction Brazing
    • Broaching
    • Pressure Testing (up to 50K psi)
    • Tensile Testing
    • Spectrograph material identification

The Most Efficient Work Flow

The most economical combination of manual machines, (mills, lathes and grinders), CNC machines (lathes and VMCs) and wire EDMs are utilized to produce what you desire.

Experienced Staff

Regardless of the equipment, the ability and desire of the people are the most important factor in serving our customers.  We have a total of over 250 years of machining experience made up of a team of true professionals that take pride in their work product and the resulting benefits for our customers.

Full Documentation

All the processes in producing customer components are fully detailed and documented from the source to the person that packs the box.  This provides us with an internal audit and documentation that is easily replicated and repeatable, even 15 years after the fact.

How May We Help you?

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