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Geronimo takes pride in manufacturing high-quality industrial machine components that are resistant to wear and tear in critical environments. We manufacture custom parts for a wide range of industries and applications, which demand a high degree of durability and precision.

With over 30 years of experience producing cast and machined parts for use in extreme conditions including high temperatures, abrasion, corrosion, vibration, tension and compression, or combinations thereof, we specialize in manufacturing the parts that are critical to our customer’s operations. This is why we work hard to produce heavy-duty alloy parts that are up to spec with our clients’ needs.

Different classifications of parts will have varying specific requirements. While some applications require very high durability against abrasion or greater resistance to heat, others may need to withstand corrosive environments. Depending on our customer’s requirements, we provide options of alloys that can most effectively address the environmental impact on the part and work best in that particular application.

We have manufactured parts for the following industries: Polymer, Plastics, Chemical, Rubber, Valve, Pump and Steel. These parts include seats, rings, cages, valve bodies, blades, bushings, shafts, worms, extruders, sleeve bearings, nozzles and liners to name a few. Additionally, our history of part manufacturing includes injection molding parts, frame parts, and hammer mill parts, all varying in size and complexity.

We understand the importance of our customers receiving the highest quality part for their application, because their business depends on it. Working closely with our customers assures that the best component is manufactured on time and meets or exceeds expectations.

With over 30 years of manufacturing OEM replacement parts, our parts are not only completely interchangeable with OEM parts, but often exceed the same in quality.

OEM Replacement/Wear Parts

Maintaining facility equipment and being able to repair the same with high quality replacement parts is critical to the longevity of a plant. Customers that rely heavily on specific types of equipment for their production, processing and/or service of products routinely monitor their equipment and regularly require parts to maintain their operations. To that, we manufacture replacement components/parts for OEM equipment such as, French Oil Mill, Anderson International, Kohler Coating, Prince and others. Seeing that the design and manufacturing of these types of machines are done in a manner that is strictly focused on engineered specifications to ensure their reliable functionality and service, we are proud of our strong history for manufacturing parts for these high quality machines.

Geronimo Alloys understands the importance of following the manufacturers’ strict specifications in order to produce replacement parts that are at least equivalent to, if not superior to the original. This type of quality requires that we work closely with our clients’ staff, particularly when manufacturing OEM parts that exceed customer expectations and standards.

So whether you are looking for replacement parts for your French Oil Mill equipment or want to have parts customized for OEM replacements, Geronimo Alloys can manufacture your needs at more competitive price and deliver the same in a timely manner.

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