Brazing Metal through Induction

For the past three decades, Geronimo Alloys has been producing high-quality steel parts. Many of these parts are formed by brazing metal pieces together to form a whole. Brazing differs from welding in terms of technique as the workpieces are not melted and fused together; instead, it is more similar to soldering in that a filler metal is used instead. However, higher temperatures are produced by different brazing methods compared to soldering.

One of the methods used by Geronimo Alloys for brazing is the induction brazing process. While torch brazing is currently the most common method of brazing, induction braze welding is used to provide precision heating only to parts that need it, and prevents filler metal from coming into contact with areas where it is needed. Whereas flame heating causes oxidation, carbon build-up, and scaling on steel parts, induction brazing is performed in a controlled environment, reducing the need to clean up finished parts after brazing.

Another advantage of the induction brazing process is its speed and consistency. Because variables such as temperature, brazing metal cycle time, alloy, and positioning of parts are easily controlled, it is easily automated. Combined with fast heating cycles in a vacuum environment, automation results in quick part order times while ensuring that high-quality output is maintained. For example, stainless steel tubes may be brazed together within 20 seconds at 1330°F, while copper tube assemblies take only 45 seconds at 1450°F.

Different metals can also be fused together using induction brazing. Parts that are made separately from stainless steel and brass or titanium can be combined using specialized brazing techniques that account for relative magnetic permeability, thermal expansion, and resistance to current. Metalized ceramics may also be brazed together.

Geronimo Alloys has been producing steel and steel alloy parts through induction brazing since 1981. We have been consistently refining our craft to produce only the strongest steel and steel alloy parts for a wide range of industries. We work closely with our clients to understand their specifications, to set reasonable timeline expectations, and to assure them of quality work. Our manufacturing team boasts of well-trained engineers and machine operators with more than 150 years of combined working experience among them, and we have more than 50 different types of cobalt steel and steel nickel alloys on hand to ensure quick part production once specifications have been agreed upon. To request a quote, call us at 830-303-7400. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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