Cobalt Alloy Parts

Geronimo Alloys manufactures parts out of any kind of cobalt alloy. These include cobalt alloys equivalent to Stellite® (a registered trademark of Kennametal Inc.) , such as Cobalt 6 (R30006), Cobalt 12 (R30012), and Cobalt 21 (R30021).

Cobalt alloys are used in a variety of different industries. For example, alloys derived from cobalt and chrome are highly valued in medicine, due to their biocompatibility and high resistance to wear and tear. Because of their resistance to corrosion, they can also be safely used in surgical implants and dentures. Cobalt 21 (R30021), which is an alloy of cobalt, 28% chromium, 0.24% carbon, 3% nickel, 5.2% molybdenum, and less than 5% iron, for instance, is commonly utilized in surgical stents and total joint arthroplasty. These properties, which tend to diminish the chances of infection, also make Cobalt 21 the standard material used in metal frameworks for partial dentures.

Cobalt-chrome alloys are extremely heat-resistant and have very high melting points. Instead of being cut to specifications, they are ground down with precision. These properties allow our alloys to be utilized to manufacture different parts, from sturdy gun barrels and lathes, to high-performance engines that are designed to withstand high temperatures. These cobalt alloys are also used in a variety of cutting instruments as an alternative to carbon steel and high-speed steel.

Cobalt steel, on the other hand, is used in applications such as rotors, drill bits, and musical instruments. These parts require a high-durability steel that keeps its shape and sharpness for a long time. The presence of cobalt in the alloy reduces the need for re-sharpening and replacement, allowing instrument bits to be used for a long time with minimal maintenance and repair. Cobalt steel, along with ceramics and carbon steel, is the most-used metal for high-endurance grinding parts.

Geronimo Alloys manufactures a variety of custom parts out of cobalt-based alloys. We offer a cost-effective alternative to trademarked items such as Stellite® (a registered trademark of Kennametal Inc.) or Incoloy® by using high-quality raw materials and following best-in-class industry standards. We may also be able to manufacture cobalt magnetic parts and equipment upon request.

Our foundry and fabrication facilities operate on a 24/7/365 basis, assuring you of the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Our cobalt alloy products can be found in ice crushing machines, bearings, and other pieces of equipment that require parts that are interchangeable with original equipment manufacturer parts. Large or small, Geronimo Alloys can produce them all.

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