Equipment List

OEM Equipment & Part model numbers:   Partial Listing

Polymer Industry

Anderson International

  • Expander Dryer—Model Nos. 10A and 14A
    • Flights, Liners, Worms…
  • Moisture Expeller—Model Nos. 6, 7A and 88
    • Worms, Bar Feeds, Bolt Clamps, Bar Knife Disc. Ends…

French Oil Mill

  • 14″ Expeller—Models: Various
    • Worms, Bushings, Collars, Buttons, Breaker Bars, Cages, Sleeves, Spacers…
  • 10.25″ Expeller
    • Worms, Screen Bars, Breaker Bars, Collars, Spacers, Sleeves…
  • 7″ Dewatering Press—Model No. G4-88-8
    • Worms, Screen Bars, Breaker Bars, Bushings, Cages, Buttons, Collars…

Welding Engineers

  • 4.25″ Turbulator

Galvanizing Industry

Kohler Coating &

Fontaine Engineering

  • Roller bearing parts…

Other Industries

Prince Industries

  • Grinder:  Model No. 8

United Precision Engineering

  • Mono-Layer Die:  Model Nos. 500mm and 400mm


  • 3-11 Layer Blown Film Die: Model Nos. 70mm, 80mm & 100mm


  • Hammermill:  Model No. PB-15K2L528

Jeffrey Rader

  • Shredder: Model No. S632

Terra Source Global

  • Hammermill: Model No. 30 BD.

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